Forced Relationship

546.03Question: Why is it arranged so that a person has to work to earn his living?

Answer: This was done on purpose so that we could be connected with each other and serve each other. It is said: “Go and make a living from each other.”

Everything is arranged for a forced connection between us: me to you and you to me. I give you shoes, you give me clothes. This one gives bread to me, that one wine, and I give them this and that. This is called “communication by necessity.”

We see how, as egoism grows; we are constantly developing more things to be interconnected. This is a subconscious correction of the world. Everything goes as it goes.

For us, Kabbalists, the main thing is to present people with the knowledge of why all this is spinning and what it leads to. We show them how egoism develops over the course of history and gradually leads us to devastation.

Being a gravedigger to itself, egoism shows us how unable it is to fill us or to give us a sense of the meaning of life, something eternal, perfect. But, in fact, this is exactly what we want.

We subconsciously forget ourselves in life so as not to think about the end, because it is terrible since you part with everything that you did. And you did everything just to maintain your animal body. What for? What is the point? At least an animal doesn’t ask about it.

What are you living for? For children? What are they for? Why do you give birth to them so that they suffer? You give birth for your egoism, it is nice for you. And they are the same.

It turns out that our life without an answer about its higher meaning is not only meaningless, but simply insignificant, worse than that of animals, because at least they do not ask this question. And we, in order not to ask them, fill ourselves with all sorts of toys.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Work?” 3/6/11

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