What Did Churchill’s Bot Say?

294.2Comment: Today you can interview a famous person who lived in the last century. Specialists are creating bots based on famous historical figures’ character, works, and so on.

In one creation of a Churchill bot, it was asked: “What is the main problem of our time?” He replied: “You know my position, it is fundamental—will we be able to reach complete unity in order to minimize the misfortunes of the world, or will we plunge into empty chatter, dissonance, and discord.”

I somehow did not imagine that Churchill would talk about the unity of the world.

My Response: Everyone understands and has always understood, in general, that this is, of course, the solution to the problem, but it is unattainable! You could ask Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, or whoever you want, and they would answer the same thing.

Any ruler understands that this is the only solution, but it cannot be achieved, and therefore it is necessary to take something else as a basis.

Question: Do you think if a bot of some “hawk,” a militarist, were created that he would have come to this?

Answer: I think even today if you ask the great dictators of the world, they would say the same thing.

Comment: You said it is impossible.

My Response: It is impossible. Therefore, each of them chooses a different path, which, in their opinion, can still lead people to some level of happiness. And then they will prove to you that this is what they want and do, and they implement this very installation.

Question: So, the earth can be strewn with corpses and the dictator’s thought is to unite the world and lead it to happiness?

Answer: Of course! It is impossible otherwise!

Question: What kind of mind are we talking about? What are we talking about now?

Answer: We are talking about the human mind. A person who reaches some level understands that the best state is when everyone is in good connection with each other, in mutual assistance, and so on.

But since this is not in human nature, what can we do to at least somehow make such a state for people?

Question: Is this why they want to conquer this happiness?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: There will be fewer people, but they will be kind of connected.

My Response: No, they do not set such a task directly. But, in general, this is what happens.

Question: Why is this unattainable?

Answer: Because it is not in human nature.

Question: Is there any way to introduce this into human nature?

Answer: There is no way! Egoism is within us. And it is terrible, extreme! In our time, it has grown so much. It does not give us the opportunity to think that we can be in good connection with others.

Question: Why do you call for it all the time then?

Answer: Because I believe that in nature there is a means to curb egoism, and there is a cure for egoism. It can be changed but not destroyed. But the cure helps to use egoism correctly. And then everything will be fine.

Question: It is clear that egoism demands for itself, exclusively for itself, and nothing else, and not for anyone else. This is egoism. How can this cure reverse this requirement for my own sake? Can you give us a simple formula? Here I am, living for myself, and so is every person.

Answer: You just have to understand that the best thing for you is when you are connected by good ties with others.

Question: So is it, after all, better for me?

Answer: For you.

Question: Purely egoistically?

Answer: Of course! We need nothing else.

Love others unrequitedly. This is the best thing you can wish for yourself. As soon as we want to get closer to each other, gradually rising above our egoism in the movement of love, in the movement of adhesion, connection, mutual assistance, and so on, we will begin to feel the positive forces of nature that will help us in this.

Question: Is this happening outside of my mind?

Answer: Yes. I will begin to identify such forces of nature that will help me get closer to others.

Question: Do I have to take your word for it?

Answer: Do not believe anything. We just need to try to create a mutual good connection through our efforts in this way. Then these—our desires, efforts, and all this—will change the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/16/22

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