Objective History Does Not Exist

547.05Question: All the time you say that the world has become one and that we need to understand this. Should there be a national, racial, or state identity? Or, since the world is one, should all this be brought to a single equivalent?

Now history is constantly being rewritten for the sake of the leaders and national pride, Columbus is deemed a racist, Churchill as a colonialist, and their monuments are being demolished, books of great writers are being burned, and operas are banned. The world does not want to unite.

What can be the equivalent for everyone?

Answer: In general, there is no need to choose from all these thinkers, writers, etc, the best or worst people who were for or against some people or association.

I personally am not in favor of connecting all these things. But this is how it turns out in accordance with our egoism; if someone is against me, then I do not like him at all, none of his qualities.

History is always being rewritten. Man does not want to have history at all. He wants to do everything so that at every moment of his existence, it would meet his views. This is why all of it is flexible and dynamic.

Question: So, do you think that there is no objective history?

Answer: No, it cannot be! This is absolutely so; there is nothing to talk about!

Question: Is it necessary to understand this?

Answer: No! We, the Kabbalists say: “You are paddling in the wrong direction, friends.” You will come to nothing. You will sail to the opposite of where nature directs us.

Question: Where do we need to go?

Answer: To the connection between us without remembering or disturbing any historical foundations. We will not be able to sort them out anyway, and we do not need to! It does not matter.

The only thing that matters is, as it is said: “Love will cover all crimes.” We must connect together above everything. Then we come to the state of a one single image of man—Adam. He is one, consisting of all: black, white, yellow, red, all nationalities, and everything there can be. This is the person whom nature or the Creator gave birth to. This is what we need.

Question: Does it mean that even this sentence “Love will cover all crimes” can become the equivalent? Can it be taken as a flag, as a banner?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Instead of pulling all these “skeletons” out of closets, releasing spirits, and all this…

My Response: We should go straight! Without hiding anything, we do not close our eyes. The past is not important to us! We must look forward and not backward.

Question: Do we say that yes, we are different, we are not alike, we hate each other?

Answer: Of course! This is what we have to work on: “Love will cover all crimes.”

Question: Are crimes our hatred of each other?

Answer: Yes, all our mutual complaints.

Question: You, as a Kabbalist, as a realist, please tell me, will we come to this?

Answer: In fact, we will definitely come to this because it is written, and this final state already exists. The problem is how much we have to go through. This is the only thing. The Creator has time. So what if it takes another couple of thousand years.

Question: Is our entire task in acceleration? By and large.

Answer: Of course. Why should we mess with all these cases? What will it give us? After all, it was the Creator who confused us specifically so that when we strive for unification, in this yearning we will begin to reveal why such opposite qualities are inherent in us, which, in principle, cannot be brought together in any way. And suddenly, the puzzle is coming together!

Precisely this is what gives us great pleasure and admiration to the wisdom of nature, of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/30/22

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