Why Do We Allow Politicians to Decide?

961.1Comment: I read an article entitled “The World of the Future.” There was nothing new in the beginning of the article. It concluded that all predictions about the future world boil down to robotics that people will be completely removed from production and will receive a basic income for necessities and some form of entertainment.

The predictions suggest that under such conditions each person could do whatever they wish. If you wish to study, study; if you want more income, organize a job for yourself. Freed from everyday worries, a person will be able to exercise his creativity. The totality of this paradise on Earth will be made possible by 2050.

The article made an interesting point that all forecasts have a fundamental flaw in that philosophers fantasize, but politicians implement. The central question in the article was “Are we really going to surrender our lives to politicians?”

Why would we surrender our lives to politicians?

Answer: We don’t surrender them. They usurp them and ignore us.

Question: Why is it so easy for them to usurp them? These are the lives of our children and our own lives and just like that! Is it within our power at all to stop this?

Answer: It’s a struggle. Such a struggle must take place in a society. It is a serious revolution.

Question: Why do politicians have such power that they can even decide to take a life?

Answer: Politicians are based on the ego of man and humanity. They are the biggest egoists.

They don’t even hide it and they fight among themselves to build a purely egoistic society. They know how to lie, how to do anything.

They share an understanding of how to work so as to not lose power. And even if they do lose power, it will simply pass from them to another.

Question: So, you think they are cold-blooded and just putting on a show?

Answer: They know it all too well and they know just what needs to be done in order for everyone to stay in this game.

Comment: And you say a revolution is still possible and there is a possible way out of this game.

My Response: The way out of this game is possible only through the education of society. Politicians are by no means interested in educating society.

Politicians are not interested in anything. Perhaps, other than that society will vote as they decide or there will be fascism and dictatorship.

Question: In what case would a revolution be possible? Will the masses organize education? What has to transpire?

Answer: Actually, the revolution will happen when the masses realize that there is no other way, only a clear, consistent struggle when you will see (not hear but truly see) the actions of new politicians who will emerge who can organize such relations in society that will result in beneficial, proper connections.

Question: Those are the politicians I have to side with?

Answer: Yes. Although, there are currently no such politicians. There was one actually, but he wasn’t very successful. His name was Karl. Actually, he did make a good story. And to this day, many hide behind him. But in the end, of course it was not based on correct historical facts. Historical facts have to be rooted in the nature of man and the development of mankind has to be under the influence of the upper force.

Question: Do you think this is the main factor he did not account for?

Answer: This is what’s most important: the fact that there is an upper force that determines and directs the entire development of humanity. And everything should be aimed at connection with it, and all connections between people, in the end, should manifest a connection with the upper force between them. That is, the attainment of the Creator should be placed at the apex of all human activity, at the heart of all educational programs, and at the heart of all decisions and laws. In everything— personal, family, social, state, and global development!

Question: When you say attaining the Creator or nearing Him, as you like to say, should be the foundation of everything, how can you explain it to an ordinary person? How can you do that?

Answer: It’s quite simple: we need to be arranged in such a connection between us all that will allow us to reveal the concealed Creator hiding between us.

He wants this connection and He is waiting for this connection in which He can reveal himself to everyone.

Question: Can we rightly say that a new politician who wants to establish education is precisely the one who will lead to this good connection? And thereby he will drain power from egoistic politicians?

Answer: Right. He won’t leave any space for them. He will have to show, prove, and explain to everyone, to all layers of society, to the nations, that this is the proper communism Karl dreamed of.

Question: Will this politician, this new era politician, raise people against other politicians? Or will he have no regard for them? Will this be a revolution against them?

Answer: He will be grateful to everyone who opposes him because he will be able to use this opposition to show how correct his methodology is. Because it will be the truth.

That is, he will not arouse hatred toward them, but on the contrary, he will be grateful to them.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/4/22

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