Everything Remains in Space

231.01Question: In a situation where your words cause a student to refute them and he tries to as if win a dispute, why does it give you the opportunity to say more than if the students listen to you in a state of admiration?

Answer: A person who develops a critical approach has some thoughts of his own. He does not just say: “Ah, nonsense!”

There are people who wave it off without even hearing anything. There is no point dealing with them. They lack the normal absorption of thought and the opportunity to learn.

And with those who delve into my words—even if they are wrong and are deeply mistaken and hear me from a completely different angle, from a different, very distant state—I still begin to work gradually to bring them closer. He helps you express your thoughts. This is why I tolerate him.

There are students who pester me. But although each of them is very opposite to the whole group, it is still worth expressing myself regarding him because this will then help individuals similar to him.

I give a lesson not only for those who are here or in the world in general. The recorded video and audio lesson will be revealed later somehow. After all, what you give out into the world—what you say, what you think and feel—remains in space. Like with Baron Munchausen, then it thaws and sounds.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Criticism of Kabbalah” 2/20/13

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