How To Find A Cure For All Problems

565.02Question: In Israel, an experiment was conducted with selecting drugs according to the molecular genetic profile. It turned out that there are people with cancer who do not respond to any known medications.

There are known cases in the history of medicine when a disease acquired a drug-resistant form, for example, tuberculosis. Why is it that even today many people do not respond to drugs that medicine has developed?

Answer: The fact is that a medicine is a convention.

What is medicine? We attract light upon our egoism, which is in various ugly, and recently even mutational forms, and try to influence this ugly egoism with light, which is clothed in some chemical formula.

In practice, there is only desire and light, the force of reception and the force of bestowal, which interact with each other. If they are in harmony with each other, fill one another, then we exist in balance, in harmony, without any problems.

As soon as there is a problem in the egoistic desire to receive and one does not correspond to the other, then immediately there is a concealment of the light. The light exits, moves away, and disappears.

When the light moves away from the desire to some certain distance, we begin to feel more and more suffering, then illness, and then death. It all depends on how far the light moves away from desire. Gradually it comes out more and more, and by moving away, leads to death.

What has been going on lately? Our egoism does not just get bigger, and therefore the light departs from it naturally, according to the law of disparity of qualities or differences in qualities, rather egoism acquires unusual, mutational forms.

That is, the ego is getting transformed, it takes unnatural forms, not just to take, want, conquer something and absorb it into itself. It acquires opposite forms such as drugs, depression, various egoistic deformities, turns from the direct desire to enjoy the light, into desire to enjoy its absence.

This is how its mutational forms manifest themselves, egoism in a double, triple degree, when it transforms itself and enjoys its nothingness and emptiness.

What, in principle, is depression? Why can a person not get out of it? He seeks pleasure in his emptiness.

This leads to the fact that we cannot find cures for these diseases, and therefore we say that the immune system is damaged. We do not know how it is possible to restore at least some contact between the life-giving force, light, and our egoism, our organism, our desire. This is the problem.

I cannot imagine how we will be able to solve this if we do not begin to restore the correct connection between desire, the organism and the force that enlivens it, light.

Kabbalah gives a very simple formula. But who wants to use it?! We may still have to suffer for many years until we begin to listen to what Kabbalah calls for.

It says that everything is based on our egoism, and it can only be defeated by love. But how can we love each other, love your neighbor as yourself? This is a panacea for all troubles. But how do we do it if we hate each other?

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that there is a force in nature that can do this, only you have to start studying, reading, summoning this force upon yourself, and asking it.

When you study the system of the universe, the way it works logically, and quite realistically, you see that yes, this is how it happens, and you begin to feel these forces concealed a little behind our world. You see our world as transparent and behind it all the forces of nature that play with our world and with us. This is what we should present to a person, reveal to him, and then we will find a cure for all problems.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Philadelphia Experiment” 10/24/10

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