We Are The Material Of A Big Experiment

538Comment: You are asked the question: “Please explain how it can be that the pilots who dropped atomic bombs on Japan did not regret what they did until the end of their lives and they lived for 80 to 90 years or more. Despite the fact that they were shown all these horrors, the consequences of the explosion that did not effect military facilities, but innocent people: adults, children, old people. How can a person live with this?”

My Response: First, a person can live with everything. Absolutely with everything! Up to the point that he can kill his own mother and torture anyone, the creatures closest to him. And live to be 90 to 100 years old, and justify himself in everything. Man is a collection of absolutely all evil and all good. And so he can switch in any circumstance from good to evil and from evil to good, and always not understand the other who can blame him for something.

Question: And always justify even the greatest evil that he has done?

Answer: Of course! Moreover, from the bottom of his heart! He will still convince you that he did absolutely the right thing, that maybe he is the only righteous person in the world.

We don’t know ourselves. The absolute good and the absolute evil that is inside of us can change places. It can be varied and different.

Question: So you are saying: the evil that I have committed, the most terrible evil, I can switch in myself?

Answer: And you will consider it an absolute good. After all, you’ve made sure that this is an absolute good.

Question: What should we do about it? How can we turn evil into good? Can this be done?

Answer: As more and more evil is attained, we should correct it for the corresponding good.

Question: That is, in the end, I have to come to the conclusion that the evil is in me?

Answer: This is possible if there is, as they say, a “third surplus.” Meaning, there is evil, there is good, and there is a Creator from whom this quality comes.

Question: Does both good and evil come from Him?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So there should be my appeal to the third? My mind and heart are, let’s say, good and evil, and there is a third one. Am I being led to this?

Answer: Of course! You are brought up for, raised for, this.

Question: By being allowed to do all sorts of terrible things?

Answer: Everything. Everything that goes through you.

Question: In order for me to come to this third one, to the Creator?

Answer: Yes. But it takes a lot of states, generations, and so on.

Question: Is it worth it at all?

Answer: You are not asked that. You’re the test subject of a big experiment.

Comment: All of history is paved with blood, wars, suffering and the whole history of mankind, only to come to this third?

My Response: And rejoice, and enjoy, and thank!

Question: That He has done everything the way He did and that brought me to Him?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What should my appeal be when I really want to go to Him?

Answer: That you finally attain His wisdom, the perfection of His actions on you. And you justify everything.

Question: Will humanity come to this?

Answer: Of course!

Comment: We see that now it is already moving toward this by leaps and bounds.

My Response: The Creator leads energetically.

Question: We have such a producer and director that it is simply impossible to dodge. Is it because we were moving slowly?

Answer: No, who are we that we can set the speed, vector, and so on.

Question: You don’t put anything on humanity by and large?

Answer: We are small beings who can somehow experience and somehow adapt these experiences in ourselves. Somehow we can compare all this in ourselves and gradually bring it to some actions, proceeding from one to another, and thus establish in ourselves some internal process of attainment, approval, and so on.

Question: But is it such a logical chain?

Answer: Of course.

Question: The Creator and all this is beyond all logic?

Answer: Above all logic is my agreement with Him.

Question: So it’s logical if I don’t have to agree with Him and I agree? Am I being led to this?

Answer: You have no other choice. There is simply no other way to exist.

Question: And when I agree with Him, what happens?

Answer: Then you begin to get closer to Him out of justifying Him. Then you begin to reveal the meaning of His actions on you. It fills you up, it becomes your life. It becomes the current through which you swim and attain Him.

Question: Does this river lead me to peace and love? I want to cling to something like this: peace, love. Does this justification of Him lead there, to this point?

Answer: Yes. It leads you there.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/17/22

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