We Need To Play Life

962.4Comment: Scientists from Brazil, Spain, and the UK observed a group of howler monkeys in the forests of Mexico and Costa Rica. These are monkeys that lead a low–activity lifestyle, and the main thing for them is not to move. They are herbivores, they feed on leaves. Yet, they actively play.

Scientists thought: “Why would they waste energy and play?” They conducted experiments and it turned out that monkeys do this to reduce tension and avoid disputes and conflicts. They avoid them with the help of a game.

My Response: This is what we need to learn.

Question: That is, they are at such a level: now we will clash, then we will hate each other—no, we better play. Do you think this is the case?

Answer: This is the way it is. It is very cool and interesting! Many animals have such a game.

Look how much they swim, do something, play all sorts of games—quite serious, dangerous, and risky ones—even in their old age. And all this is in order to replace their conflicts with it.

Question: What is it, if we extrapolate this to humanity? What should humanity decide in this case? What game should we play?

Answer: Anything you want. Just as long as it is a game that would replace all real conflicts.

Question: And still, what kind of game would you guide humanity into?

Answer: I would make it so that humanity would play that it works, earns, builds, and competes. In general, our entire life is just so that we eventually look at it as a game.

Comment: That is, I go to work, I communicate with everyone.

My Response: I compete in everything, check what my neighbor has, what I have, and so on. But it is a game.

Question: What does it give us?

Answer: So that later I could reset the account, return it to zero, and as if start over.

Question: Would that prevent us from serious arguments?

Answer: Yes. We would play our life. “What is our life? A game.” Thus, we should make a game out of it.

Comment: We were told: “You are playing life! You should live for real.” Now it turns out that everything is the other way around, we have to play life. Then I just play all these quarrels and arguments.

My Response: Of course. We would perceive them differently, we would feel everything differently, we would build this game differently.

Question: What do we want to achieve in this game? Is that something we should keep in mind?

Answer: Yes. Not the result of the game itself but what we come to as a result: to the fact that there is an understanding of the meaning of the interaction between us.

Question: What is it?

Answer: The revelation of the forces of nature that twist us like this and lead us into this game.

Question: What if I reveal that I really am inside the law of nature?

Answer: You will see how nature plays with you, and you will really say that our life is a game.

Question: If I see that I am really inside the system—as they say, the matrix—and everything that is happening to me is what this matrix wants, what will it give me?

Answer: It will give you the opportunity to understand what this mechanism you are a participant in is, and what you can do to figure it out and understand it. After all, it exists for some reason. Is it for some upper mind or for you?

Question: And the most important thing is my thoughts to be directed to this?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/21/22

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