How To Reach Peace

272Question: The philosopher-enlightener Voltaire described the idea of achieving universal peace as an armed overthrow of rulers because they are not interested in preserving peace. Or it could be done by a revolution from below when enlightened rulers establish peace in the interests of the people or the nation.

Can peace be established either by the forces of the masses or by rulers from above?

Answer: Neither one nor the other. In general, the phrase “peace is established” does not add up. It cannot be.

Peace is born from the awareness of the need to unite opposites through our efforts. We must constantly make these efforts because everything is dynamic, and then there will be peace.

The necessity of peace comes from the realization that all of nature is dynamic and therefore needs unification of all opposites. In such a state they all get the opportunity for maximum development, mutual help, and mutual complementation at the same time. It is most important. If we find these two conditions that can coexist together, then we will achieve peace.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 3/4/22

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