We Must Rise To A Higher Level Of Consciousness To Solve Our Problems

psychiatry-and-kabbalah1We have revealed an illness, but it still isn’t quite clear what the treatment for it is, so we keep searching. Until we find the treatment, we will continue to feel ill – to experience a crisis. Yet the treatment is gradually being revealed. We know that if humanity reveals a problem or illness, then people will spend decades or even centuries looking for the remedy. In the Middle Ages, the epidemics that broke out in Europe were so great that they killed half the population. But eventually, people found the remedies.

Suffering pushes humanity to look for and find the remedy. It makes people more refined, sensitive, searching, and understanding. One’s desire opens the doors to Nature, and then one finds what he is looking for. There is an answer to everything.

It is the same in our case. As a result of suffering, we will find the remedy to the crisis. This is difficult because the problem is happening in one’s inner world, one’s desire and psyche, and this is something we don’t know how to treat. Lately we see that all the misfortunes happening to humanity are taking place on the psychological level – whether  it is divorce, drugs, depression, the relationships between parents and children, the crisis in upbringing, the crisis in science, the crisis in a person’s attitude to the world, or our neglect toward nature. All of this occurs on the level of psychology.

We are quite weak when it comes to overcoming our psychological problems, since a problem can only be solved when one is situated above it. One can then examine it from above and understand it. One’s mind is then able to grasp the problem from all possible angles, and the problem is “grasped” by the consciousness, so to speak.  A person studies it, performs an analysis and a synthesis.

However, psychological problems occur on the same level that we are on – the human level. This is why we have a difficult time solving them. If we wish to solve these problems, we will have to rise to a higher level. And we can find out how to do this instinctively as well as consciously, if only we will desire to rise above ourselves. Otherwise, as it says in “The Scroll of Esther,” “That generation will be convicted to death.” Certainly, we won’t agree to this, and therefore we will be forced to solve this problem.
(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)


  1. Do you agree that being selfish/egoistic is part of human traits for ‘survival’ instinct? If yes, how do you think that Kabbalah can educate mankind to realise the interconnectedness and to rise above the individuals for a shared, common goodness ie nature of bestowal!

  2. With all the distractions that our modern day world exposes everyone to, how do you think anyone can achieve an altruistic nature (the one Kabbalah speaks of) if a little part of us needs to be selfish in order to survive? This is what society has bestowed upon since grammar school. We are taught how to survive and at times this calls for us to be egocentric. How can we dismantle this destructive path?

  3. One reason Kabbalah is so beautiful, is that, one can come across quotes or a series of thoughts recording in speeches or writings by or about people, who may have not even studied Kabbalah and find congruency as in this famous quote, “We cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking at which we created them.” Albert Einstein. Albert did study Talmud and he perceived what many could not.

    There are other versions of this quote, but basically they speak to going “higher” in our thinking.

    Another beautiful aspect that I have perceived, is that Kabbalistic principles appear to be hidden within the principles of air conditioning and heat transfer also called thermodynamics, so they follow scientific logic. One could even say that an air conditioning or a heat pump unit and its many integrated processes are a microcosm of the world of Authentic Kabbalah, meaning “mysticism free,” or “esoteric free.”

    In air conditioning when the heat moisture or heat content that is in the air, inside a house, that is not wanted or “desired” (the unwanted heat being the “problem”) is drawn across by force, through the heat exchanger acting as an evaporator, the heat is absorbed into the colder refrigerant, circulating through the coil and the air is recirculated back inside the house and the problem has just being vaporized. Hopefully your problem has moved by about 20 degrees and you, (there should be approximately 20 degree between the supply and discharge air) living in the environment produced by the internality of that air conditioning machine also has a “upper world” or what is referred to in the trade as a “high side” and a “lower world,” referred to as a “low side.”

    One could say that the colder refrigerant has a “desire to receive,” (the heat) and the warmer air has a “desire to bestow” as heat flows down hill. As a result of the refrigerant that is in a liquid state (physicality) as it is being forced through a “restriction” called an orifice, (some are fixed and some are modulating) and as it exited the orifice and into the heat exchanger, the liquid began to transition into a vapor (spirituality) as the air carrying the heat content made contact with the piping in the coil that housed the refrigerant, the exchange was made.

    It is here that the vapor which could represent spirituality as it has no form out side of the vessel that it is in. This state of vapor (spirituality) appears to be equal to the “higher consciousness,” as consciousness can be defined as a state where one is aware of “something” inside (or outside) of oneself. The vapor in this air conditioning machine has inside of it the problem, meaning the heat content and there are sensors that will communicate to the “controller,” or “brain, ” if there is not sufficient heat inside of the vapor.

    I wonder if one were to learn the fundamentals of air conditioning along with studying Authentic Kabbalah that this would facilitate greater absorption of its principles.

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