Leaders Are Realizing What Can Help Us Out Of The Financial Collapse

the-present-crisis-is-a-crisis-of-peoples-trust-in-the-egoistic-system-of-relationshipsIn the News (from The Bundespraesident):“Berlin Address by Federal President Horst Köhler 24 March 2009” The crisis is now teaching us that destruction lies at the core of freedom that knows no constraints. But the market must have rules and a sense of ethics. That is why it is precisely the crisis that confirms the value of the social market economy. It is more than an economic system. It is a system of values.

My Comment: All the leaders and economists are speaking about a new social regulator – the connection between people, even though they still don’t quite realize what the necessary changes are. Still, what’s important is that the trend has begun; everything else is a matter of time.

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