Hatred And Evil Are A Reflection Of Our Inner State

israel-is-all-the-people-who-aspire-toward-the-creatorTwo questions I received on hatred and evil:

Question: Are members of HAMAS also parts of my own inner Kli? If yes, then why are they fighting in me?

My Answer: A person is a desire that feels only what’s in it. The desire is complex, consisting of many parts, which depict one’s picture of this world. Since our desires are not corrected, we feel completely opposite to the Creator, instead of feeling Him the way He really is. This is why we feel wars and suffering.

All of a person’s enemies live inside him; they are a reflection of his inner state. Even if it appears that they exist outside of you, out there in the world, the fact is that the world is a reflection of your inner state, like a movie that’s showing you your desires.

Question: When I correct myself to the last degree and attain the Final Correction, will I stop seeing evil in the world?

My Answer: If there will be any people left in the world who haven’t yet corrected themselves, then you will still see evil in the world because those people are parts of your desire.

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