The Most Powerful Prayer Is The Group’s Desire For The Quality Of Bestowal

Mutual Guarantee in a Virtual GroupA question I received: What role does personal prayer have in Kabbalah, and does the Creator hear it? Can a prayer that has been articulated in one’s own words ascend upward? Can it also be directed toward corporeal things, like the desire to have a house or sound health?

My Answer: A prayer to the Creator can be about anything at all. However, it must come from the heart; spoken words don’t matter one bit.

Actually, everything we feel is already our prayer. However, if our desires or prayers aren’t aligned with the path leading to the goal of creation, which is similarity to the Creator, then they are “adjusted.” In other words, we receive “bad grades” (punishment) and this corrects us. However, this is the lengthy and difficult path toward the goal.

There is another, brief and pleasant path, when we direct our desires or prayers toward similarity with the Creator, the goal of creation. How do we do this? It is possible only by uniting with the group and thereby receiving the group’s desire to attain the quality of bestowal. We then end up with a desire or prayer called a “collective prayer” (Tfila be Tsibur).

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