Anyone Can Study Kabbalah

anyoneA question I received: When I ask people for their opinion of you, some say that you are a fraud because the only people allowed to study Kabbalah are men who are Jewish, married, and over 40 years old. They say that anyone who teaches Kabbalah to women, youngsters, and non-Jews is a fraud, a layman, and an ignoramus. Please comment on this!

My Comment: My knowledge of Kabbalah can be tested, though I doubt there’s anyone qualified to do this. My daily lessons are an indication of the level of my teaching. In addition, everyone knows that I was Rabash’s student.

As for the prohibitions on teaching Kabbalah, such as teaching it to people under 40 years old, women, gentiles, and so on, see the commentaries of Kabbalists on this. And don’t worry about what people say about me; just follow my example. What they say comes from their current level. Give them time to grow up.

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  1. Why do you make so much sense to me in your talks. I feel so in agreement with you . With others{non Kabbalist ,not so much. Sometimes your lessons seem too much to take in in one setting. I have read all passages of Zohar with Rav Berg’s commentary over the past 10 years. What you say is more true to me and it is like ” I thought that or know that” Your students questions and your way of thinking is so friendly to my method of thinking. I have lots to learn but itis good to know there ar teachers such as you that can assist my learning process Thanks.

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