What Will It Take To Make People Realize That We Need An Alternative Economic Model?

alternative-economic-modelA question I received: You explain that the reason for the financial crisis is people’s egoism, which acts in contrast to harmony with Nature. Bnei Baruch feels responsible to present the world with an alternative economic model, which is founded on altruism and harmony among all parts of the world’s society.

I am sure that there are economists, businessmen, and executives who could help us to build this social and economic model. We have to schedule meetings with such people.

My Answer: I agree with you completely. However, I have not been able to find people like this yet. There are only a few individuals who are specialists and agree with us on some issues. Evidently, it will take some more development of the current events and the suffering to make people more sensitive and ready for a new outlook on the world.

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