The Entire Universe Is One Material (Or One Blanket, According To Dustin Hoffman)

menEverything in the world is just one material – the will to receive, to be filled with the Light of the Creator. This holds true for the Upper Worlds and our world. The difference between any object or phenomenon is only the degree of this desire. A small desire forms an object on the still level of matter, a greater desire – the vegetative level, a greater yet – the animate level, and the greatest desire forms a human being. All the desires are interconnected in one system. Through our senses, we don’t perceive the actual desires, but only their material shell. Kabbalah enables us to shift from the external level to the inner one, and thereby attain the forces that govern the entire universe.


  1. great post1 where is this clip from? I would like to see this film! thanks

  2. Is this clip from any movie? If yes I’d like to know that movie.

  3. the clip is from the movie I heart huckabee

  4. the movie is “I Heart Huckabees”

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