How Are the Press and the Internet Faring During the Crisis?

pressIn the News: (from offers new help for French print media“ One of Sarkozy’s solutions to help the industry is a pilot program that will give teenagers celebrating their 18th birthday a free, yearlong subscription to any general news daily of their choice. “The habit of reading the press is learned very young,” Sarkozy said.

My Comment: The foundation of nature is desire. Our desires have changed, and they now demand communication. This is achieved best on the Internet, which is where today’s youth “hangs out.” Therefore, I don’t think Sarkozy’s initiative will help the print industry.

In the News: (translated from Utro):A Million Sites Have Vanished from the Internet” After 15 years of website growth, more than a million sites have been taken off the Internet since December 2008. The statistics indicate that there’s less activity on the Internet.

My Comment: The Internet is readjusting to the new world. It has to become a truly World Wide Web, connecting everyone in positive ways.

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