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My Thoughts On Twitter 4/6/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We perceive the world in equivalence of form.
We have capabilities of perceiving: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste.
Their sum total produces the picture of the world. Yet there are more influences in the world, we just don’t have the qualities to feel them.
The science of Kabbalah (the science of reception) develops these qualities in us.

If humanity is to shift to spiritual sensations, it must:
-be developed (the end of sciences, arts, family…)
-discover lack of fulfillment in its activities
This end of earthly history is starting in our time.
The lack of earthly fulfillments will push us to search for spiritual fulfillments.

A feeling of slavery—when you want to break free of egoism but can’t. Thus the efforts can only be above oneself, without seeing the reward. The greater the effort, the more bitterness. Until the sum of the efforts will summon the help of the Creator and receive a taste for His slavery.

Our freedom lies only in the opportunity to change our attitude to reality, rather than changing reality itself.
Reality is created by the illumination of our ego—Reshimo.
With your attitude to this, you change reality, or how you feel it:
this world—evil, or the upper world—goodness.

It’s the intention that operates: the Creator changes the desire, and we must endow every desire with an intention, just as every item in a store gets a label and price sticker. The Creator pulls up new desires in me, and I stick the right intentions on them.

In spirituality, calculations happen to the full degree. Therefore, a person receives help to ascend only if he asks to completely annul himself before the Creator—the quality of bestowal, even though egoism does not agree to it, and asks to revoke this desire.

After the degree of Lo Lishma there are no calculations for oneself, but only thoughts and actions to annul yourself, because you feel the greatness of the Creator, everything is done only for the sake of the Creator, thoughts and desires for oneself do not even arise—level of Lishma, one is in bestowal for the sake of bestowal.
From Twitter, 4/6/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 4/4/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Requests for the intention “for the Creator’s sake” bring a feeling of insignificance. Although every effort to bestow is included in the “piggy bank,” a person sees only the things he must still correct and not those he has already corrected. However, rather than waiting for the descents, he can elicit them on his own, “awaken the dawn”—and correct them.

As a result of many descents and ascents, a true desire for adhesion with the Creator emerges. Thus the vessel of the soul forms and filling from the Creator manifests in it. Before that, it seems that one does not advance and rather distances.
Things were planned this way so the creature will aspire to unite with the Creator.

Precisely when new questions arise about the meaning of spiritual work, there is room for new efforts. Questions (Aviut) come in order to expand the efforts (Masach). Efforts are the creation of a vessel for revealing the light (faith above reason).
Hence new difficulties / heaviness is the Creator’s help from above!

Every time from a descent, beginning to rise one should understand that it is a revelation of the egoistic desires that have not yet been corrected, while an ascent is their correction. Therefore, do not condemn the falls, but correct them to new ascents, and so on until the final correction.

The Creator produces a spiritual conception in man by giving him passion for bestowal. But later one must add his own desire to bestow. Otherwise, the excitement given to him from above will disappear and he will return to the black dot when his spirituality—bestowal is felt as darkness.

To reach the first spiritual degree, Bina, when one is limited in everything but always remains in joy, to go with the eyes closed is only possible by asking the Creator. And not to tell the Creator how to help him, but only to ask to defeat egoism because he is the worst and lowest of all, therefore he is asking and hoping.

Rising from a descent, finding forces to joyfully aim at the Creator—ask the Creator not for Him to be revealed, not to feel the taste, but to receive the force to overcome egoism, to be able to make efforts in joy since your efforts are only for the Creator’s sake, while you yourself aren’t fulfilled, but are working with the taste of ash.
From Twitter, 4/4/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 4/3/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

On the human level there can be no love and hate or war and peace at the same time. In the spiritual world, however, it is possible because war and peace are the products of the same force that allows them to exist together.

Our path is creating the connections between us. It is intertwined with contradictions that our logic cannot bridge together, how the two opposites can coexist and support each other.
Thus, work is above knowledge: I grab hold of two threads, but only tie them at the next degree.

The network of our interconnections is the vessel for revelation of the Creator due to the similarity of form between Him and the vessel, the network of our connections. We weave it together until the strength, form and qualities of our unity allow the Creator to be revealed in it.

A sign of correct work is joy for the sinners that are revealed. I am happy about the evil that is revealed since it is a result of my work and preparation. Hence I do not revoke it, but rise above it.
This is the difference between those working for the Creator and those not working for Him.

In the spiritual world we do not look at a person’s actions.
It’s as if he is behind a veil and we don’t care what he is doing there.
We only want to know what his intentions are, through this veil.
When we see everyone’s intentions, as if reflected on a screen—this is called seeing the upper world.

At every moment we are given a chance to advance, and everything depends on our sensitivity. If I am perceptive enough, then at every moment I will see an opportunity to move on to a new state. Thus I can make many corrections at every moment, revealing new qualities each time.

At every moment, one must be ready to renew one’s connection with the Creator. The yearning for the Creator I had a moment ago is insufficient.
Now I reveal a new state: emptiness of the soul in order to be filled for bestowal—a place of adhesion with the Creator, my world.
From Twitter, 4/3/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 4/2/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The receiving of the Torah took place at the foot of Mount Sinai, i.e., in the lowest state of man. And when one agrees to remain in that state, without asking for anything in return, with joy, although he feels incomplete, he receives the light that reforms—#Torah.

Separation from the Creator manifests to the extent that there is egoism.
When all of one’s intentions are to bestow, one deems oneself nothing, that there is only the Creator’s authority, and one wishes only to bestow everything to Him. Hence one receives everything—in order to give the intention of bestowal, to delight the Creator, over what one receives.

If one wishes to delight the Creator, he must increase bestowal, meaning increase the Creator’s greatness in order to annul oneself more and act only for the Creator’s sake. That is, one must acquire faith, which manifests to the extent of the Creator’s greatness in him and pushes him toward bestowal, giving fulfillment in bestowal.

The Creator created a desire the size of a black point in infinite white light. The white light symbolizes the Creator’s greatness, while the black point symbolizes the size of creation. However, if creation properly evaluates the Creator’s greatness and wishes to fill Him, its point develops to the proportion of the white light.
From Twitter, 4/2/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 4/1/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

A #racist sees everyone as lower creatures. An #Antisemite sees #Jews as having a superpower, like superior beings from another planet, whose aim is to destroy humanity.
If Jews are in power, then they should be beaten and their authority should be protested against.
Hence #Antisemitism is a form of protest, and the #left are on board with it!

The laws of Sodom: every person is satisfied with what is his. It is forbidden to covet another’s property or compare yourself to others. It is forbidden to receive help or to help others. All that one has received from above is correct and cannot be meddled in.
Compare that to our world… yet God burned them…

“I created the darkness, and you should come and learn how to approach Me—and then you will reveal.” The deeper the darkness seems to be, the brighter the light. All our perception of light, love and bestowal, comes from darkness, from the egoistic quality of receiving, filling up.

The Creator hears only the prayer for “raising the Shechinah (the connection between us) from the dust.” To turn our egoistic connections into altruistic. When our connections reach the correct form (Adam), complete deliverance from egoism will occur, Gmar Tikkun and Dvekut….the complete adhesion with the Creator.

Sodom’s law: “Mine is mine, yours is yours.” If only things were this way today! No one harms another. Everyone lives in peace with what is his. It seems like a wonderful state, but the Torah calls this way of life “Sodom,” although in principle it is much fairer than our life.

After the elections, many Americans stopped speaking to some of their friends or relatives due to differences in political opinion. Social networks, instead of bringing people closer, push them toward a split.
Since egoism grows swiftly, if we don’t fight it, any society will quickly reach a civil war!

Faith above knowledge is when you annul yourself before the Creator, you accept everything as coming only from Him. And you care not of your own thoughts and feelings, but of His, whatever is good for Him and not for me.
This begins the work for the sake of the Creator (al Minat Leashpia).

The Embryo is the beginning of formation of the qualities of bestowal in man (for the sake of the Creator, Kelim de Hashpaa) in the original qualities of reception (for oneself, Kelim de Kabbalah) being able to act for the sake of the Creator (thinking of the Creator brings out the strength in him).

As Egoism grows, people no longer need a long-term personal relationship to be happy. Loneliness is the choice of millions. The number of singles is rising. Marriage is replaced with cohabitation. The world of singles. Thus more contact with friends, relatives.
Being a singleton is economically beneficial.
From Twitter, 4/1/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/31/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The Creator hears everyone’s prayers.
He broke the general desire of ADAM into pieces so that each desire would ask for unity—to rise from separation and, united, achieve the state where the general power of love and connection can be revealed, called “The Creator.”

There are 2 opposing forces in the embryo that gradually form it. He needs support, protection from Klipot or miscarriage, restriction. Subject to the desires of the Creator and of his mother, he eats what she eats, without choice. Therefore, he has no name yet.

The Creator hears the prayers of everyone, but only of one kind “To Raise Divinity from the Dust”—so that the importance of bestowal is above all. An answer to it comes as deliverance from egoism. In the measure of deliverance from egoism, we will reveal the Creator in us.

“Raising Divinity from the Dust” is raising the greatness of the Creator, which is lower in us than all the desires of this world, to raise it to the highest level. A prayer is precisely for the greatness of the Creator in our eyes.

Concealments and contradictions are sent in the degree and character necessary to cause the manifestation of the greatness of the Creator. Since the fulfillment by the greatness of the Creator is a spiritual Kli in which the Creator is revealed.
The greatness of the Creator is OH, reflected light, when the Creator is more important to me than I am.

Each contradiction is an opportunity to reveal a special attainment. And those worthy of it turn darkness into light, bitterness into sweetness, since the forces of concealment and separation have turned into attainment of unity for them.
And they themselves started tilting the whole world to the scale of merit.

One cannot sense evil from the Creator. For it is detrimental to His greatness to manifest Himself so in front of man. Therefore, when a person feels evil, in himself or in the world, to that extent the Creator disappears from him. And this is the worst punishment in the world—the concealment of the Creator.
(Baal HaSulam, “Night of the Bride,” p .38)

Baal HaSulam: As the Creator does not think about Himself, whether He exists or rules the creation, neither should the one who wishes to resemble the Creator think about it.
Otherwise, he is far from the Creator and is not similar to Him.
“All your actions should be for the sake of the Creator, with the desire to enter and remain in this quality of love and bestowal.”

Divinity is a network of connections between us, desires for each other, through which love and connection circulate. This is the Creator.
The Creator responds only to the request “To raise the Divinity from non-existence,” a request for unity for deliverance of everyone by raising above the ego.

The smallest spiritual degree is called an Embryo. Because a person must go with his eyes closed as the body fights it, but he overcomes the body’s resistance by annulling himself before the Creator, so that the Creator can do what He wants with him.
#Kabbalah #SPIRITUAL #wisdom

Baal HaSulam (Letter 8): When those immersed in #egoism undergo the horrors of their pride, distant from the Creator, the entrance to the heart of stone opens and they become worthy of feeling a “drop of unity.”
They change and discover that it is the fears that lead to the attainment of the Creator…

Baal HaSulam: Why do thoughts and actions appear that are contrary to the good Upper governance?
So that, if one wishes to rise above them, with thoughts and actions contradicting the Absolute, he draws the “Greatness of the Creator” to these contradictions.
Contradictions are the reason for revelation of the greatness of the Creator.

Rabash (Article 21): Sensing the greatness of the Creator, a person is ready to work without any reward. The reward is serving the Creator, which is greater than any riches when the Creator allows a person to serve Him.
Therefore, it is necessary to focus on how to achieve the sensation of greatness of the Creator.

The main prayer is for the Creator to give the opportunity to go by faith above reason, in joy, as if he had already achieved everything, and he only asks for the strength to be above demands of the body. But he doesn’t want to see the Creator’s power because it will harm the faith in Him.

One must remain in joy regardless of the state he is in, because it comes from the Creator in order for the person to accept it as the best for himself, since the Creator has decided so. This is called receiving without any conditions.

If one can limit himself and refrain from wanting more, and is willing to stay this way forever—this is called eternal adhesion. And its magnitude is irrelevant—even if it is negligibly small, but he agrees to stay with it forever, it means that he has earned eternal adhesion.

The embryo, from the word “unhappy” (Ibur-avra), because you have to surrender yourself to the Creator who’s greatness seems like a point. Therefore, at first, he sees how far from the Creator he is, but if he is not indifferent to it, his gestation has already begun because the feeling of Hisaron is a Kli.

#Antisemitism of the left and the right unites the Jews of the #USA.
They did not think that they would be confronted with universal anti-Semitism in #America in the 21st century, although in my speech at #IAC 5 years ago, I spoke precisely about this >>

Now it is here! Believe me, salvation lies only in unity!
[Israeli-American Council (IAC)]

#Antisemitism of the left and the right unites the Jews of the #USA.
At the #AIPAC meeting, the #Jews stopped arguing about #Israel.
Anti-Semitism in America makes one think of his own safety.
They are focused on the problem of what will happen to them.
#jewish #security #america
Only the method of connection will help!
#Antisemitism #politics #bipartisan

#England is divided over #Brexit. Either way it will be bad.
Kabbalah: we must act in the direction of general correction according to “Love will cover all crimes.” Everyone should strive to create good relations despite the differences, for solutions for this and other problems will come from these attempts.
#EU #europe #TheresaMay #politics
From Twitter, 3/31/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/29/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Everything that happens in the world comes from one source, and it’s only in order for us to hear and understand His conversation with us!
#quotesoftheday #FridayFeeling #world #Kabbalah #Wisdom

The difficulty of becoming an embryo lies in having to acquire the quality of bestowal—in one’s natural quality of reception. Only the Creator can do this since it is contrary to man’s egoistic nature.

One becomes an embryo when one stops thinking of oneself completely, and thinks only about how to follow the Creator. This is called going by faith above reason, in the quality of bestowal, as Kabbalists have instructed.

The Creator created a desire for self-gratification (#egoism). It conceals (doesn’t feel) the Creator due to disparity of form with Him. We must annul the egoism (Tzimtzum Aleph) and then turn it into bestowal, similarity to the Creator, and attain adhesion (the goal of creation).

Uncorrected desires with the sparks of Ohr Hozer rise to conception to the extent of the light’s influence. Desires are dead (egoistic), but the spark from the reflected light Ohr Hozer, that was previously in them, helps it restore and receive light in bestowal, MAN.

Spiritual work begins with the state of Embryo, when one annuls himself, his self-love, and acquires the quality of bestowal.
One must believe that before the soul was revealed in our world, it was adhered to the Creator, and thus he now strives to attain the same state, i.e., annul himself completely.

Friends, we are indifferent to slanderers, but the Creator sends them and we must use them to spread the knowledge about Him. In our world only falsehood can spread. Therefore, they help us by spreading lies, while we write the truth about it and people gradually absorb it…

Ibur means that the Upper one corrects me if I annul myself like an embryo inside a mother, without a name or opinion, who eats directly from the Upper one, doesn’t yet have his own name, who receives everything straight into himself, not through the mouth, he cannot even speak—so much faith he has in the Upper one in everything.
From Twitter, 3/29/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/28/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The main threat isn’t the #terrorist attacks. Radical #Islamists will act wisely and quietly: force their people to the right places, deploy an ideologically savvy network, the targeted terror. If the #Europeans don’t wish to lead the world in #peace, the world will endure without them.

One must decide that he wants the Creator to give him the desire to annul himself completely. Seeing that there is no such desire, he should ask the Creator to help him annul despite himself, leaving nothing for himself.

Bina—to feel the perfection in that which is. And if one doesn’t feel it, he asks the Creator to help him go against his desire, only for the sake of the Creator, without any conditions from himself. Since he can’t overcome his egoism, he asks the Creator to help him overcome it.

Upon leaving Egypt, Israel fell into complete lack of understanding. And when they agreed to unconditionally advance in such a state with joy, although they felt the emptiness, this was a beginning of the degree (Ibur), while fulfillment was an addition.

A person should be filled with joy from working for the Creator. If there is no joy, it means there is no faith in the Creator’s greatness. But if one aims at the Creator, then to the extent of His greatness, the sensation of joy arises as a result.
(Rabash, “Yenika and Ibur”)

The world—a raging ocean of thoughts and desires—operates by a program.
We have to understand this system and its laws.
#Life is pushing us into a higher dimension!
#quotes #MotivationalQuotes #success #ThursdayThoughts

Our unity is our salvation. Internal proximity to one other possesses a spiritual force. Call it whatever you will: Creator, Upper Force, Love, Bestowal—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this force will “fight” for us and it will win. In every war and in every conflict.

#Neurobiologists know what your decision or choice between two alternatives will be 11 seconds before you make it (become aware of it). Your actions are completely predictable prior to their conscious manifestation in you.
#Kabbalah has spoken about this for nearly 6,000 years. #Freedom of choice lies elsewhere…

Since #Jews originate from the 70 nations of Babylon, they are prone to fragmentation more than other nations—which is what we are witnessing as they scatter away from #Israel. This is because they contain various qualities of all the nations of the world.
It is also the source of their yearning to be themselves, BUT among other nations.
#Israel #Jewish

#Jews are smarter than others because initially, in ancient Babylon, they came from all the 70 nations of Babylon, those who, at the call of #Abraham, were ready to reveal the Creator between them in unity. And then, united, they attained the Highest universal #wisdom, which they offer to the whole world today.
#kabbalah #torah #wisdom

By being idle, you let the time drag on and wallow in self-pity. Hence do everything that is in your power.
(Baal HaSulam, Letter 5)
Especially since there is an opportunity to turn to the group and quickly come out of any low state to the following one along the ladder.
From Twitter, 3/28/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/27/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#Antisemitism always comes as a mandatory element in the development of a society. As it rose up in #Germany amid the defeat in the First World War, so it rises today in the native #Europeans against the background of failings in #economy, #politics, and in public life. #europe

One must believe that the Creator is happy when he asks the Creator to come closer to Him through equivalence of form, for one’s desires to acquire the intention of bestowal. To this, the Creator says, “They have defeated Me”: I gave them egoism and they persuaded Me to change it to the will to bestow.

A person becomes an embryo when, after many rejections from the Creator and attempts to cleave to Him, he accumulates the passion and drive necessary for adhesion (copulation). Through multiple attempts, the yearning becomes whole—and that is when adhesion (Zivug) happens.

The importance of the spiritual state is when it is “close to zero,” meaning to man’s complete annulment of the “self” above his growing ego, when he does not wish to determine the states in his spiritual life, but completely liberates his “self” into the Creator’s authority.

Everything is filled by upper light. We are inside it. But only in the place where man’s desire becomes similar to the quality of light, bestowal, the light comes through in that desire. Before such a desire is revealed in man, the light is concealed and comes through to the extent that the source of light, the Creator, is exalted.

Baal HaSulam: The world is mistaken to think that #Nazism came from #Germany. It is rather a product of #democracy and #socialism that were freed from #religion and #morality. Hence Nazism will easily emerge in Anglo-Saxon societies in which democracy and socialism develop.

The spiritual embryo (Ubar) means you see everything that happens, but in spite of your understanding, you accept everything as coming only from the Creator, allowing the Creator to do everything to you as He deems necessary (Lemala Mi Daat). I thus become an “embryo”—the smallest, first spiritual state.

The desire for “freedom” has estranged #Europeans from their roots. The EU is being alienated from its #history and #culture—from itself.
#freedom #europe

The #EU‘s problem is agreeing to violence and justifying it. This resembles an epidemic, heralding an overhaul of #social foundations. Western ideals do not provide any defense against barbarity and are self-destructive.
From Twitter, 3/27/19

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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/26/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Egoism will never agree with the fact that it is the Jews’ own fault that others abuse us. The religious people also won’t agree with it. Only those who understand the structure and program of the universe can understand what is happening in the world, the root of #antiSemitism
…. and recognize that unity of #Jews is the solution to the world’s problems.

#Jews hate those studying authentic #Kabbalah more than non-Jews since it obligates Jews to correct #egoism. This hatred for Kabbalists is natural, instinctive—just as non-Jews feel repelled by Jews. By correcting our attitude to Kabbalah, we will eradicate #antiSemitism.

I write about unity of #Jews so they will be liberated of #hatred. Our war isn’t against anti-Semites, but against the Creator, who called us His children and then rejected us since we have separated from Him. We shouldn’t fight the #Antisemites, but the egoism that separates us.
Then the world will calm down.
#antiSemitism #egoism

Always remember that the Creator’s goal is to fulfill the creatures. If objections arise, an opportunity arises to work for the sake of the Creator. Rather than seeing the objections as harmful, see them instead as making room for efforts—place them into bestowing intentions until a Kli for receiving light appears.

A person doesn’t reach adhesion with the Creator in his first attempt, but through many rejections, in order for him to develop the desire for connection with the Creator, suffering that turns into pleasure.
The Creator counts his efforts until he reaches the necessary strain for the adhesion.(Baal HaSulam, Letter 19)

The essence of our efforts to reveal the Creator is to link everything that happens to us to the Creator. One who fails to do this, it is as if he rejects all the worlds created for the revelation of the Creator to man.
Therefore, it is necessary to see only the actions of the Creator in everything that happens. (Baal HaSulam. Letter 18)

Until a person reaches the first degree of revelation (the first similarity with the Creator), his learning and connection with the group worsen his condition, his concealment: this way the Creator wants to draw him to Himself in order to accelerate his efforts.

The most difficult in spiritual work (to reveal the connection with the Creator in similarity) is the first contact with Him (Baal HaSulam. One Commandment).
Therefore, what we are studying now in our lessons is so important and
one must not simply repeat but re-experience the lessons several times.

The balance of forces is the basic principle of nature. Thus, the flap of a butterfly’s wings causes a reaction on the other side of the world. This principle calls for only using what is necessary for survival.
Otherwise, we are stirring up the forces for restoring the balance by destroying the excess.
From Twitter, 3/26/19

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