My Thoughts On Twitter 7/13/21

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A poll conducted after the Israeli-Palestinian conflict showed that Jews in the USA are against Israel. They think that approval of the ultra-left will save them from pogroms, as was the case when Nazis first came to power in Germany. 100 years later, history is repeating itself!

@WHODirector-General @DrTedros: “The mortality rate is rising again. The #Delta variant is rampant in the world. The #pandemic is not over anywhere. It will take collective action to defeat it.”

My Comment: Nature will bring us, against our will, to the need to unite in order to survive, if we don’t wish to unite on our own! #COVID19

Everything depends only on our aspiration to be united, “Love your neighbor as yourself”
This is the mission of the Israeli #government!
Otherwise we will bring ourselves to exile again.
It says so in all our sources.
This should be the directive for our government!

We have to realize that this land will belong to us only on the condition that we correspond to it, that we strive to be the nation of #Israel, similar to the Creator in the quality of bestowal and love.
Otherwise we will bring ourselves to exile again.

Up to 34% #Jews in the USA think that #Israel is an #apartheid state! Just like in Nazi Germany, they will have to learn the truth through their personal experience…
From Twitter, 7/13/21

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