Classical Science Will Never Discover The Spiritual World

The Right Path Is Paved With Confusion Together With Clarity A question I received: Physicists also say that we perceive only a small portion of everything that exists in the universe. How are the parts of reality that we don’t perceive different from spiritual space?

My Answer: Scientists can create tools to recognize everything that we don’t perceive with our bodily senses. With the help of these instruments, we expand our senses. However, all the data that we discover with these tools still has to go through our senses and be transformed into signals that we can perceive inside us.

We perceive everything inside the desire to receive, in an egoistic form, because we are egoists within. Therefore, no matter how many new phenomena we reveal in nature, we will not reveal the spiritual realm. We will only reveal more of our material world.

The spiritual world can only be revealed by changing the method of how we perceive our surroundings (nature). We have to change our perception from reception to bestowal, making our perception altruistic.

But in order to have this kind of perception, we need a new method of relating to the world. We have to feel the world “outside of us” rather than “inside us.”

This is why a completely new science about the world – Kabbalah – is emerging to replace the sciences that examine nature through our egoism. No matter how much we examine nature through our egoistic desire, we will not reveal the spiritual world. That is why regular science is now in crisis; it cannot give us anything qualitatively new.

People feel oversaturated by the material things because they do not fulfill us. That is why they are starting to ask the question: Where do we go from here? The only answer is to shift to a different way of using our desire.

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