Everyone Wants To Know Why Kabbalah Is Important

boy 1 A question I received: Why is Kabbalah important?

My Answer: Everybody asks this question. There are many things in our lives. Some are more important, other things are less important. Every second, different things become important to us, things like sleeping, playing, eating, or running around. How do we find the most important thing in life?

The main thing in life is to feel something unconditional, infinite and almighty, seeing through all the worlds without boundaries between life and death, and fulfilling all of our desires, even those with which we are not yet familiar, such as becoming like the Creator.

There is nothing higher than that. This is the very peak where all things lead. So how do we reach it? How do we attain absolute success here and now? We do it through a method called “the wisdom of Kabbalah.”

This is why it is important. It is because we value all things according to how they benefit us. If Kabbalah can help us attain everything, this makes it more important than anything else.

(From the Children’s Lesson in Buffalo, NY)

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