Research Of The Human Level Is Only Possible From A Higher Level

global.jpg Like any other science, Kabbalah studies what happens to matter. However, it has several special features:

  • In contrast to corporeal sciences, which study the physical manifestations of the “desire to receive,” which we feel either on our own or through tools, Kabbalah studies matter that we do not feel, called “the desire to bestow.”
  • Kabbalah allows us to observe the matter in which we exist “from outside,” from the spiritual point of view. This is that same point that created all of matter, both spiritual – the desire to bestow,  and corporeal – the desire to receive.
  • While conducting research in the sciences of our world, we exist in this world, inside its matter (desire to receive). Thus, we merely examine this world and draw conclusions based on this. We study the animate, vegetative, and inanimate levels from our perspective as human beings. Kabbalah allows us to rise to a level that is higher, the level of the Light, the desire to bestow, and to examine our material from that level, from above. We cannot investigate the “human” level in any other way except through the method of Kabbalah.
  • The science of Kabbalah allows us to develop a new sense from the “point in the heart” that exists in us. Through this sense, we will perceive the part of the universe that is now hidden from us and reveal the system that governs us and our whole world. We will also be able to control our state through this system from above downward.
  • Adapting to the system of governance will allow us to switch to a perception of our existence in the system of bestowal. Thus, we will not be limited by the boundaries of space and time and will feel the flow of existence beyond time, space, life, and death.

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