How To Find The Answers To Your Questions

detskie-voprosy_buffalo_11_w A question I received: Why were we chosen for the wisdom of Kabbalah and not others?

My Answer: People will never know the answer to this. Only after revealing the entire system of worlds and souls, will a person begin to understand his role in this system and see why the desire to become like the Creator has awakened in him at this specific time. This awakening is the soul.

But the meaning of this will only come once people reveal the entire picture. This is why Kabbalists say that once you’ve been awakened – wake up, once you’ve been given a point in the heart – realize it. It is then that you will receive the answer to your question.

We can ask similar questions about our physical situations, such as, why was I born to my parents, why was I born into this specific body and during this time? In our life there are no answers to these questions either, but the wisdom of Kabbalah enables us to attain the entire system and find the answers.

(From the Children’s Lesson at the North American Congress in Buffalo, NY)

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