Don’t Just Stand There Between Heaven And Earth – Pick One!

pick People often complain that time is slipping away, life is passing them by and they don’t feel that they’re advancing. We exist in an unconscious state without being aware of it, and we can’t help it.

And all of this is because we don’t make use of the means that are at our disposal. We are like a sick person who suffers but won’t seek medical help.

It has been brought to our attention that there is something above this earthly existence, and we have also been given the method to attain it. Yet, we are still trying to enter the Upper World with our usual approach and the means of our world. We are sitting around and waiting, thinking that somehow we’ll succeed.

We just don’t understand that the only way to enter the spiritual domain is to conform to the law of equivalence of form. We’ve been given the teacher, the books and the group in order to help us. All we have to do is let go of the old methods, approaches, and views, and follow the advice of Kabbalists in order to change our perception of reality.

The stumbling block is that we are trying to enter a new life with our old baggage – our desires for food, family, money, power and knowledge. But it’s impossible to advance spiritually without raising the priority of spirituality above all the material things and in everything we do.

You are already holding all the means for entering the next level of existence. Now, you just have to finally decide – where do you want to be!? Don’t just keep on standing there with one leg in the material world and one leg in the spiritual; that is how the years will go by wasted.

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