The Art And Science Of Spiritual Healing

good Kabbalah books are a lot like medical books. A doctor cannot give health to a sick patient; he can only give him advice about what actions the patient has to make in order to heal and become healthy.

This is exactly what Kabbalists do for us. It is not their intention to depict pictures of the spiritual world for us or to simply describe what is happening there. Their texts are written in order to help us become similar to the qualities of bestowal being described. Using their books, we start to identify ourselves with these actions, and are then able to “process” our qualities, desires and intentions in such a way that we will become similar to spirituality, the Creator.

A Kabbalah book is not written in order to be studied, or to give us knowledge and wisdom. If this is your approach, then you won’t see or attain anything spiritual. On the contrary, it will only lead you farther away from the result you desire to achieve, which is to change yourself and become a “citizen” of the Upper World.

When a sick patient reads a medical book, he isn’t looking for anything besides advice on how to be healed. That is the approach we should have when studying Kabbalah books. Otherwise we will be studying for the sake of knowledge, and the same books will become a “potion of death” instead of an “elixir of life.”

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