The Impossibility of Fairness In Our Uncorrected World

advice I understand that unless I have no choice, and that unless I give something out, I won’t get anything in return. Other people also want to live and if I only keep receiving, they are bound to come and take everything away from me by force, and then possibly beat me up!

It is a matter of fact that our entire task is to find that golden mean in our relationships which is called balance (peace) between receiving and giving. If we understood it, we would relate to nature differently and our lives would improve. The problem is that we are incapable of establishing genuine impartial and equal relationships with each other. Humanity has been trying to reach this kind of agreement with each other for ages,  but it thus far has not succeeded. As a result, a common global, multifaceted crisis has emerged.

We are incapable of accurately assessing who the givers should be and how much they should be giving, nor who should receive and how much they should receive. After all, in order to perform that task, we need to be able to see the complete picture of reality, including every individual’s abilities, health, desires, and so on. In reality, we have no idea with what abilities and properties each person was born, nor what education he received, what health issues he is faced with or what mood affects him from day to day.

Thus we cannot approach a person with a true measurement of his state. Instead, we demand equally from everyone and do not assess them according to their capabilities. To avoid the frightening imbalance between people, humankind built a system of different compensations for the weak.

Society thus takes a bit more from its more capable citizens and passes those assets on to the weak, poor and sick. If this did not occur, civil wars and revolutions would continually erupt. Because of that fact, the rich are willing to pass part of their incomes to the poor. In fact, their gesture benefits them, as it provides them with a more secure environment.

This principle is embedded within the government of all nations. When it comes to a parliamentarian, democratic structure with free elections, those who shout loudest that they would divide everything justly are those who are elected.  What is not realized is that if it was truly “just,” it would in reality be far worse for everyone.

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