The Purpose Of Kabbalah Is To Bring About The Correction Of The Entire World

Laitman_2009-05-28_0059_w The science of Kabbalah was revealed by Abraham in ancient Babylon. He revealed it as a method of uniting the souls and offered it to the Babylonians at the time of the first global crisis.  The world is once again facing the same situation and crisis.

The purpose of Kabbalah is the correction of the entire world, without exception.  We therefore cannot confine it to artificial limitations and a restricted environment, since all of the souls have to unite into one Kli and return to the state of Infinity.

Correction of the souls has nothing to do with our activity in this world. Each person can begin to correct one’s soul irrespective of where he lives and what he is doing. No special preparation is required. A person that senses inner emptiness comes to Kabbalah, whereas the one who is “full” is still waiting “down the line.”

“All of humanity in the end of its development is bound to come to the revelation of the Creator”

Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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  1. In a brief and simple explanation: How do we correct or soul? What are the steps, and practical process to do this? Beforehand, Thank You.

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