Baal HaSulam And Rabash Opened The Door To The Spiritual World For Us

there-are-no-idols-in-kabbalahA question I received: Besides the writings of Baal HaSulam, we also study the writings of Rabash. What do they give us?

My Answer: Rabash provides a detailed explanation of the phases of the inner work, yet we don’t understand the entire depth and breadth of his explanation. There are places where Baal HaSulam gives very concise explanations for beginners, and Rabash goes on to expand them. He thus creates a wide entrance for those who wish to enter the spiritual work. When a person reads line after line, he experiences different sensations. That is how Rabash leads the reader with his detailed explanations, like leading a baby by the hand, taking him from one game to another, and from one impression to another.

However, don’t think that his articles are intended exclusively for beginners. They conceal an enormous depth. It’s just that Rabash always lowered himself before his father, Baal HaSulam, and thought that there was nothing more to add after Baal HaSulam. This is why he did not publish anything of his own and did not write many manuscripts. It was because of his modesty. Yet, he was a great Kabbalist and we are yet to reveal him.

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