Rely On The Upper Light Instead Of Drugs

confirmTwo questions I received about the use of drugs:

Question: What are your views on marijuana? In my opinion, it is an herb, not a drug. Is it wrong as a student of Kabbalah to smoke and relax?

My Answer: Anything is good if it’s used as a medicine, even snake venom. However, if something’s used to disconnect from reality and correction, it’s not good.

Besides this, you have to take addiction into account. Overall, if one aspires to the Upper Goal, then he does not need this.

Question: You mentioned several times that as we progress in the study of Kabbalah, our need for addictive substances such as illegal drugs, and the need to abuse prescription drugs just goes away. I personally have experienced this. Is it the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) doing the job or is it our friends helping us?

My Answer: It’s the Light and nothing but the Light!

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