How To Unite The Continent?

Dr. Michael LaitmanHundreds of years ago the Kabbalists already spoke about the general impending crisis of humanity that is appearing today in Europe in a particularly acute form. At the beginning of the 20th century Baal Hasulam wrote that at the end of the century, more precisely from the year 1995, a completely new stage would begin, a real stage in the development of humanity. Basically, this period was even born in those days, but it always takes time until a process reaches its realization among the masses of people.

On the other hand, these changes are similar to those changes that take place in a group. And so from the organization of small groups, we can learn what will happen in large blocks like these, like that of the entire European continent.

From the learning material, we know that the moment that people strive to unite, they immediately discover a new level of egoism. Why does this happen? Because when we are found in some stage of development and need to rise to the next level, we can do this only if we overcome our ego.

The next level of development is a greater connection between people. If we connect between us, suppose with the power of 10 kilograms, and then in continuation, suppose, we need to be connected with the power of 100 kilograms. So how is it possible for us to be connected between us with an intensity like this to organize a stronger and more consolidated society in which the upper Light, the force that acts upon us and influences us externally (the Surrounding Light), will be revealed?

For this we need to become egoists between us on our present level, so that all of this ego will be found among us. Then in opposition to it, we will connect with each other, which is to say that we will make a screen above us, so that all of the Light that reaches us will not enter each of us in an egoistic form, but will remain outside, above us, in the form of a community, in the form of a covenant. And then we will feel the collective Light with a collective desire that will connect us. This will be our first spiritual Light, which we call by the name “Nefesh” (“the Light of Nefesh”).

How To Unite The Continent?
The ego rends and pushes us from within, but in opposition to that, specifically working above it, we compel ourselves to connect. Even though we are all egoists, in spite of this, we unite.

Our unified state is composed of two opposing forces: the egoistic force that separates us causing repulsion, hatred, lack of understanding; and above this, we rise to connection between us.

How To Unite The Continent?
When these two opposing forces, the negative force on the one hand and the positive force on the other hand, reach a particular tension between them, then in one moment, in the form of a leap, the upper force, the Light, is revealed there. It gives us a feeling of cooperation, a feeling of connection, and together with this, a feeling of existence in an absolutely different space, in another state, called “the upper world.” We begin to feel ourselves beyond space, beyond time, beyond substance, beyond movement, within a world of the forces that run this material world. We need to go out together to a level like this. To rise to it today is our mission.

In a group we see that at the moment we begin to connect with a general common desire, at that particular moment, we get hit. Suddenly a feeling of separation, cooling off, lack of meaning appears: “We don’t need all this…” Many of our friends leave; others, having survived this process of cooling off and rejection, again awaken afterward and a desire for connection is attained.

Together with you, we need to pass through many stages like these in this ascent. We cannot overcome it and pass through it all at once. Suppose we require 150 stages (just an arbitrary number) until we reach that point in which our potential will equal to the Light of Nefesh.

How To Unite The Continent?
And so we discover within us these two potentials, the negative and the positive; here in this kind of difference between them, the Light is discovered.

This matter is known to us from electronics, from physics, and from other sciences. For example, a lamp comes on when there is enough power for it. If there exists a potential difference (℧), then the Light is revealed, the Light of Nefesh. This is what we must desire in a group.

How To Unite The Continent?
The same thing happens today for the whole continent, and after that it will spread throughout the world.

In Europe, according to a sign from above, in accord with the program of creation, they have begun to unite. Certainly, all the peoples suppose that this will be useful for them from an economic standpoint; otherwise, it would be impossible to attract people to this in any way. We also enter a group because some future fulfillment attracts us towards it. It is also the same thing here: People feel that they can be together, can be stronger, that this will be more worthwhile for them, and so they begin to unite. But in the process of unification, they suddenly discover that there are numerous hidden obstacles and problems. All of Europe is now found in this state.

Naturally, if the peoples of Europe were conscious of what is truly happening to them, that specifically now they need to desire to unite and to connect, they would do what we are trying to do as a group, meaning, in spite of the circumstances, they would strive to unite somehow. Likewise, they already see that they cannot divide and separate from each other.

With the group a slightly different process takes place, we are divided and again connected. New people come, we go, we come and so forth, or we simply leave for a number of days or weeks (a state exists like this), or are even found within it, but as if we are not found, to the point that we descend alone.

But in Europe, the people who manage the financial and economic connections see that this is impossible, that it is impossible to separate further. We see this in the example of Cyprus, and before then, we saw the example of Greece. And this will continue. There is no escape. It will be necessary to transform, to connect more and more.

But problems await them here, because without understanding what needs to be done, this will be a blind search.

And in general, according to the analogy with a group, it is simply necessary to make an effort at mutual incorporation, mutual unification, mutual connection. Then just as in the group, the entire continent would also find a way out, followed by the whole world rising to the level of the upper world. Nothing special is happening here, this is truly a process of consolidation and connection.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/22/13, Lesson 1

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  1. Thank you Rabbi Laitman for the insights. Consolidation and real connection at the point in the heart is the only option. Resistance only an unnecessary foolish costly delay. Gently the movement is forward – becoming stronger day by day. So happy about the many doing this in love for Love.

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