Draw A New World Inside You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who is entitled to cut threads that connect us with this world so that we can be born into spirituality?

Answer: Only you! It has to be done voluntarily!

We need a preparation period only to disconnect from our previous step, exit the “uterus,” and then, without having solid ground under our feet, start measuring ourselves, our actions, and our further steps using a qualitatively different tool that doesn’t include such parameters as “time” (now-then, today-tomorrow, etc.), “accumulation of goods,” “superiority over others,” or “security.”

All properties that define egoism (time, space, past, future, present, fulfillment, emptiness, and so on) disappear. They simply cease to exist. We enter a different space, another matrix, a different dimension that carries completely different values, absolutely divergent definitions, where everything is weighed on a different type of scale. Our attitude to everything around changes dramatically.

We don’t see any parallels in this world since our observations of the still, vegetative, and animate nature allow us to watch only  different levels of egoism that outline each of these layers. Animals are more egoistic than other levels of nature, and that’s why they move faster, provide nourishment, reproduce, and so on. Plants have less egoism, while the still nature is even less egoistic. And yet all of them are constructed to consume, absorb, gain, captivate, and retain.

But here everything is directed towards the opposite. And we can’t grasp this “opposite.” This is not just the same absolute value, but actually a minus sign.

After all, we build the world in our sensations, in our values and definitions: This is bigger, this is smaller, this influences me better, and this affects me worse. This is how the world is reflected in my egoism while, in reality, the world doesn’t exist. All these spaces, objects, visions, sensations, relations that something is closer, farther, better, or worse—all of it is formed in my egoism in particular.

If it disappears for me, I begin to define everything in relation to another property: the property of bestowal. That is, I start drawing within myself a new world out of absence.
From KabTV’s “Mysteries of the Eternal Book,” 2/18/13

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