Collective Meals: A Cure For Illnesses

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Half a century ago in Pennsylvania, there was a small village in which people actually didn’t get sick. Doctors found this very intriguing and studied this phenomenon for twenty years. During this time everything changed: People started to get sick, the hospitals were filled, and then more doctors were needed.

The researchers reached a very interesting conclusion. It turned out that the small village was founded by Italian settlers who lived under the same roof and helped one another for four or five generations, respecting family ties. The moment they began to live separately, they started to get sick.

But now it’s the time of a generation that doesn’t know what it means to live in a big family. So the very notion of family has been so distorted, that, now, we can’t even imagine what it means to dine together with the whole family.

Answer: By the way, a compulsory family meal is one of our recommendations. It may not even be a family, but a community meal.

In the past, religions conducted extensive social work. A person used to come to the house of prayer, he heard a sermon, met other people, and talked to them.

All this was necessary even in the times when our ego was on a rather primitive level compared to today’s, when there was not the mutual rejection we feel today. Today, the mutual rejection is already an illness that has to be cured. Back then, the illness didn’t have to be cured but only needed preventive treatment. Now, however, we have to cure it. We have to reinstate the actions aimed at connection. They can’t be related to religion or to some other events anymore; it has to be serious workshops of integral education.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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