Homeopathy: The Study Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I know that you dealt with homeopathy. I know some of your patients who were really cured. Why did you choose homeopathy from all the other methods?

Answer: Homeopathy didn’t stand in my way of doing what is really important. Besides, it’s a method by which you can help people, even after one session.

Question: It’s interesting that when we speak about the placebo effect, most people attribute homeopathy to this category. They say that it’s about pills that don’t really contain any active substances.

Answer: Indeed, there are no chemical substances in them since it’s above the Avogadro constant. In homeopathic medicine, there is the power of the matter of which it is comprised. This means that it’s a real power that stands behind the matter and which, in the meantime, we can’t define.

Here there are many such fields which we can’t define. When a person stares at my back, for example, I feel his stare. But what is the power that is focused on me? Where does it stem from, from his eyes? There are many such phenomena in the world.

If we use homeopathy correctly, it’s very influential. In fact, in our days when the body is polluted by chemicals, it’s a much different situation than it was at the beginning of homeopathy. In the past, people used to get three to five potencies and that was enough to have an effect on a person. Today, however, potencies that are a thousand times greater don’t have any effect on a person.

Homeopathy is a very complex science. I think that it is more complex than all the other medical sciences since it’s also individual. Of course it isn’t allopathic (a phenomenon that is attributed to the overpowering effect of one organism over another by the extraction of chemical substances). It depends on a person’s habitat, the environment he lives in, on his race, and his nationality. In fact, all this should be studied with regards to his soul.

Question: In order to choose a specific homeopathic medication for a person, a practitioner should rely not only on a certain symptom, like earaches for example, but also on the patients psychology in general?

Answer: Yes, his inner spiritual component is taken into account, as it shows what a person has contracted and how it can be neutralized. Primitive homeopathy of the allopathic type cures the patient on the basis of external symptoms, but the real cure is fulfilled only on the basis of a person’s inner world.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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