What Is More Important: Common Consent Or Common Impression?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we need to specifically prepare people to keep order during the workshops?

Answer: Any friend who has already participated in seminars, feels and understands their essence and meaning can do this.

The group can select a topic for discussion ahead of time, and the person responsible for order can sit outside the group and observe order during the discussion.

The main thing is for us to reach a common impression at the end of the discussion, not common consent: We do not have to share an opinion. All of us, together with our opinions, want to reach unity above these opinions, which can be absolutely different; we might not even be able to understand one another, but each one of us assumes that specifically this will help us unite and that is it: This is enough.

We must never try to convince one another! We might be speaking about a certain problem, everyone will express his point of view, they will be completely different and disconnected, but at the end we want for our common “I” to get together, for us to achieve this.

Question: We have examined many nuances, but all this disappears during a seminar. Where can we read and see a list of these rules and questions before a seminar?

Answer: In your heart. This does not exist anywhere; you cannot list it. And if you begin to list it, another thousand questions will arise, and this will continue without end.

Questions must appear in the heart, and the answer must be received there without a discussion.
From the Virtual Lesson 5/20/12, “Fundamentals of Kabbalah”

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