Experiment Commissioned By Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the role of the group on our way to a true question?

Answer: A person who is in a complete isolation from the laws of an integral system can approach building this system and learning its lessons due to the group. Kabbalah is an integral science about a common nature. There is nothing artificial or alleged in it. In order to learn the general law of equilibrium of all nature’s parts, we have to create a laboratory and try building the system’s simulator. The same way things are done in other sciences as well. Even though our model is not real, we’ll begin understanding some laws of Nature and relationships among its parts to some extent.

The group is such a laboratory. Kabbalistic books are instructions to work with. And we are researchers, scientists, who do experiments not on themselves, but on the group to the extent of being united. What efforts are required from us? Under what conditions? What for? All our experimental activities are for this research and are concentrated just on the point of unity.

We are not different from other scientists who explore nature. Thus Baal HaSulam writes that materialistic psychology lays a practical basis for the popularization of the science of Kabbalah in the masses. Psychologists also deal with groups learning a human nature and a nature of society based on them. Thus, we also can formulate and explain our guidelines for working with the society, the whole of humanity, using the same terms. It is just necessary to find the right words clear to the wide audience.

Anyway, this approach is consistent with approaches of scientists and psychologists. We study higher, deeper, and at the same time, hidden laws of nature which a regular person can’t reach.

Physicists, for example, study elementary particles without having any knowledge of their weight. The massive Hadron Collider required investments of billions of dollars, tens of thousands of specialists, and the construction of a huge technological complex taking into consideration it being used for studying the foundations of the universe and not some immediate tangible benefits. Scientists want to learn what happened in the universe billions of years ago even though we don’t know what tomorrow will bring us and the situation in the world is getting worse day by day. Where is the logic? But still, the project keeps moving forward.

We deal with the most important and high science capable of saving the humanity. The subject of its research is the basis of the Creation, in nature itself, which commissions this “experiment,” because all our good future depends on it. Thus we have to find new words and new examples for people to understand what we are talking about. And it will happen—the point of contact between the science of Kabbalah and the masses is very close.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/10/12, Wiritngs of Rabash

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