Completing The Work Of The Present Level

Completing The Work Of The Present LevelQuestion: Would it be worthwhile for us to change the form of the conventions gradually and to do them not for those who have been learning the integral method but for those who don’t study and want to hear about it? Immense efforts and means are invested in preparation for conventions. Might it be preferable to invest in attracting people who are not familiar with the integral method?

Answer: Certainly, it would be nice to use all our means for world dissemination. However, it is impossible to turn to a person and say: “Let’s set up a virtual convention, and the effort and resources that could be invested in a physical convention, we will invest in dissemination.”

Question: Why not? It is certainly very nice to see like-minded people with whom you are familiar at the conventions. However, these events gather so many people now that it is more and more difficult to meet people whom we know. So, our experiment to create a big family where everyone knows everyone else essentially becomes a fantasy. Is it worthwhile to waste our resources and efforts on this?

Answer: You might be right. I feel that we are going in this direction, but every paradigm must finish its work. So, I hope that what is being conceived now will ultimately come into being: a virtual world system of integral education that will not require constant meetings.

However, today, when I come to Europe, for example, and hundreds of students arrive from thirty countries, for them, this is not just a meeting with me. This is an organization. They communicate with each other, regroup, and agree on how to disseminate, what must be done next, and so on. Along with this, I try to give them the opportunity to connect, to mold an organized center for information and publicity by themselves.

The power that is created through our communication is what is called the wisdom of the group that today already has been established through experiments.

We are dealing with physical values, not imaginary ones. When people gather and organize some kind of society among themselves, a great power and potential appears, which is greater than the mere sum. This is natural and scientifically proven.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis” 3/19/13

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