Learn About Permanence From The Light

Learn About Permanence From The LightThe first and primary rule is that the upper Light is at absolute rest. The influence of the Creator on us is constant, as it is written, “There is none else besides Him”; His manifestation, HaVaYaH, is invariable. Therefore, the reactions and changes within us need to reach stability and cease changing as well so that from our side also, there will be a permanent relationship existing at absolute rest, meaning in perfection.

In addition, if we still feel constant changes within us, if we feel physical or spiritual time, movement, or place, this is a sign that the creature has not yet reached perfection. We must yearn for a state where everything will be invariant, where adherence will be permanent.

All of our work is to act on those outside of us and help friends reach this kind of state. We cannot influence ourselves. Nobody works on himself since a person is not master over himself. However, since we are in a closed integral system, it follows that all the action is done only outside of the person and directed toward others and from the others, on the person himself. The person cannot act on himself.

Therefore, all the activities are done within a group, in a group of ten. Together with this, I need to desire that the action of the group on me will hold me in a perfect and permanent state. If I behave like this toward the friends and they behave like this toward me, then from this, we learn how to behave toward the Creator. To the degree that we connect to Him correctly, we discover His relationship with us, until we reach permanent connection and adherence.

All the changes are intended to show to us where we still lack permanence so that we can reach absolute rest. Therefore, one of the main rules of behavior in the group determines that a person cannot influence himself. Instead, he is activated and influenced only by the environment. To the degree that he influences others, he discovers himself, developing within himself sensitivity to the similar, external influences of the friends.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/13

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  1. Like Google map was supposed to mean: a tool to navigate and recognize unknown places as they show up (almost all at once but not identical). As in understand with wisdom then be wise in understanding then understand with wisdom again and so on and so forth with Tvuna as the middle of it and Bina de Hohma in sight.

    For instance, the simple statement of the Mittler Rebbe: “Hohma where the mind has no grip” led me instantly to the conclusion that at some point a student must be able to simply be able to place his mind aside. Like something that is not useful. Simply ignore.

    I guess that this is the start of the permanence you are mentioning: stability without mind.


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