An Additional Awakening

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll our work comes down to revealing a deficiency within us. It is because even before we begin to do something, the Creator has already prepared everything and is in a state of absolute rest. On His part there is always the readiness. He is only waiting for every opportunity a person gives Him, which means when he reveals an additional deficiency that is attained by his own powers, and not that which the Creator has evoked in him.

Therefore, there must be some addition to our response that is our own. But where can this response come from if we exist in the Godly system that the Creator has arranged for us? Where can I add something of my own in response? How?

The only way I can add something of my own is to exert myself on my level—not on a level above me—by connecting and by somehow spurring one another. Only due to the fact that I can awaken the others by physical actions and they awaken me can we create an additional awakening towards the upper on our part. By that we are actually correcting the shattering, correcting the gaps between us, by influencing the spiritual level from the corporeal level.

On the spiritual level, the Creator performs the correction, but we only have to start the work of connection and then the Creator completes it. In the corrected, connected vessel, we begin to discover Him.

Thus we rise, each time requiring a stronger connection under conditions that become more special, more difficult, and toward a higher sense of unity. Therefore, it says that all our freewill is in choosing the environment. By such actions a person is evoked and evokes internally more qualitative passion and desire towards the attribute of bestowal. Each time he discovers a clarion from Above that comes from the Creator calling him and summoning him to connect and to ascend. Therefore, by building a collective vessel, a person is rewarded with the revelation of the attribute of bestowal in this vessel, which is called the revelation of the Creator that is dressed and revealed in the created being.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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