Help Me Put The Puzzle Of Creation Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe always have to be connected and try to see the Torah in the connection between us and how we fulfill it. What does a certain connection stand for, where between us is Haman, where is Mordecai, where is Esther, who is Ahasuerus, what happened to the ten sons of Haman and his wife?

If we ignore the physical characters of ourselves and the friends and speak about forces, about attributes, about discernments and not about bodies that are perceived by the five senses, if we raise ourselves to the level of the network of the forces of creation, then it means that we are fulfilling the Torah in the relations between us. Then we already begin to see them and to learn this. This is called implementation, getting closer to correction, and building the image of Adam, man. Then you will see how necessary each of the friends is and that even all the negative forces have to exist so that you will not agree with such behavior, will keep away from them, and decide not to use them internally.

We don’t apply enough constant efforts to get closer and to connect on the level of the forces, intentions, and not on the level of the physical bodies. We have to penetrate a bit deeper and to begin to draw away from the usual corporeal picture in order to see the network that we are building between us, or more accurately, to discover it.

Everyone has to try to imagine that he is in the system of forces and not between physical bodies of this world and all its trash. We have to finally see and imagine this world correctly. It’s impossible to mention this all the time. A person has to change his thoughts. In order to do that, we have to support one another and we need mutual guarantee when everyone thinks in the same way.

Then you begin to notice and to identify that all the friends are in such inner relations, in such an intention, in such actions, that you realize that they are not performing external actions, but that everyone is trying to build and put this puzzle together to connect everyone. Everyone will feel that his efforts determine whether this puzzle will be put together, whether everyone will connect and how in the picture that is gradually being completed, that  reveals the general force of bestowal called the Creator with all its details and special features.

This is already a sign that the Torah is being revealed to us, that the upper Light is starting to illuminate and to explain its rules, its nature. Thus we begin to live on that level.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/25/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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