The Role Of Abraham In The Spiritual Development Of Humanity

115.06The Torah began to be uncovered when humanity was already able to start taking a reasonable, realistic attitude to its life, to its development.

The first time this happened was during the time of Adam HaRishon, then in ancient Babylon after twenty generations of students from Adam to Abraham who became the spiritual leader of Babylon and went against the natural egoistic development of the Babylonians who were a collection of seventy nations on Earth.

Abraham tried to understand this system, was able to perceive it, and passed it on to his students. His father was a great spiritual leader of the Babylonians. Abraham was able to raise the people of Babylon by explaining to them the spiritual essence of existence. Those who responded to it followed him and left Babylon.

Abraham explained that all of nature was created in such a way in order for man to consciously bring it to an absolutely completely connected system based on the principle of loving thy neighbor as thyself, in spite of one’s egoism.

Egoism is given to us specifically so that we can lead ourselves from hatred for each other to a state of love among us. In principle, the idea is very simple, to build love over all disagreements. That is what he taught them.

The global nature we exist in still obliges all its parts, material and spiritual, to eventually come to this state. Those Babylonians who understood this and followed Abraham called themselves Jews from the word “Yichud,” connection, a bond between themselves, or Hebrews from the word “Ever,”  “Ma’avar,” those who moved from an egoistic attitude toward the world and each other to an altruistic one.

Thus, in addition to the seventy small nations, a group was formed under the leadership of Abraham, which did not unite with the rest of them, but said: “We are one people.” They called themselves Israel from the word “Yisra-El,” straight to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/19/21

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