My Thoughts On Twitter 7/9/20

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When a person loses the desire for spirituality, he doesn’t understand that this comes from the Creator, on purpose, to give him the opportunity to go by faith above reason—and thus to rise to the spiritual degree. That is how freedom of choice emerges—to close your eyes and follow the path of justifying the Creator!

Where did the virus come from?
We are the sources of the virus.
When we are neglectful and rejecting of one another, we elicit negative forces in nature…

The remedy to all problems is to rise above all differences between us and unite. That is how we will attain the spiritual world. All the problems that are being revealed now and will be revealed in the future, are given only to obligate us to rise above our egoism.
But why wait for the suffering..?
#racism #Covid_19

Protests and pogroms in the United States will only worsen the situation of African Americans. Only coming closer can help. The United States, modern-day Babylon, and most importantly—its Jews, must set an example of how to come closer.
Otherwise they will be persecuted: blacks and whites will let their rage (egoism) out on the Jews!
#antisemitism #jews

The #coronavirus is an instrument by which nature pushes us toward the proper unification. It shows the consequences incurred through improper closeness, when we think only of ourselves. But if we start wearing protection masks not for ourselves, but to prevent infecting others, the virus will disappear!
From Twitter, 7/9/20

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