Ahead Of The Blows Of Fate

Laitman_703.04Question: If it just seems to us that we ourselves choose our destiny but in fact it has already been written in advance, then how does this program manage my life, how does it guide me through all the events?

Answer: You exist within this program as its passive element. It does not even need to control you because you are included into it as one of the transistors in the processor. Various signals go through this transistor and it seems to it that it lives an independent life. This is how you feel your personal life as a fragment of the general picture.

Question: In this case, how should I relate correctly to the various sad and happy events in my life?

Answer: Animals respond to everything instinctively in accordance with the inherent qualities included in the program. Therefore, they cannot have any independent reaction. People, however, have developed above animals and so they began feeling experiences associated with complex memory systems, and from them they built answers to the things that happen to them in life.

An animal reacts only to the momentary conditions, such as rain, snow, or a dangerous predator. But people have already begun to connect their destiny with different forces of nature, and therefore they started to worship the sun, the moon, and so on. They started bringing offerings to these forces, trying to appease them. This is how religions appeared.

Our forefather Abraham also made idols until it was revealed to him that he could not influence his destiny in this way. Religion provides only psychological help, which of course is also very important. But it does not influence the upper forces of nature in any way.

Question: Through what can you influence the upper forces of nature?

Answer: A person exists inside the forces of nature, under their influence. However, if he finds out to what goal they lead him, he will be able to go ahead of these forces. If he himself performs actions, even before these forces push him, then he will be able to advance voluntarily to the goal assigned to him.

The forces of nature advance him by sufferings, pushing him from behind, and he will advance through his own actions, striving to move forward.

Question: How will I find out to what goal the forces of nature are pushing me?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah deals with this. By studying it, a person learns how to advance toward the goal. He will already have the vision of the state in which he should be.
From KabTV’s “New Life #887” 7/25/17

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