A Wish To Humanity For The New Year

293.1The world develops through suffering, by getting more and more blows. And in order to break out of this tangled circle, we need to understand what the blows depend on and how to organize our lives in a new way so that the blows benefit us and bring us closer to each other and to the global nature, meaning to the upper force.

Then we will feel that we live in a wonderful world! There is no shortage of anything in our world except a kind, balanced connection between all the forces of nature. If we could connect one with the other through forces of kindness instead of forces of confrontation, we would feel ourselves in the upper world, in paradise, instead of in this world.

We just all need to agree that we want to awaken the good forces hidden within us in order to build good relationships. Everyone has a little bit of such forces. But if we all want to awaken together toward kindness, then it is possible.

This is exactly what we need to do leading up to 2022. We have already tried all the means and realized that nothing works except for one thing: let’s try to keep good connections with each other. We will help each other with our thoughts so that everyone will manage to come to such mutual involvement, support, unity, and love.

We will not let anyone explode, scream, or spill their evil on to others. Then we can really succeed, and 2022 will be a turning point in our relations in the family, between states, and among all people. We will see how we balance the whole of nature with this. All the forces of nature, supposedly in conflict with each other, will suddenly calm down, and all nature will come into balance.

I wish my students all over the world to absorb even more wisdom of Kabbalah in the new year and gather even wider circles of support around them so that together we can change the world for the better.

My wish to all mankind for this new year: Let’s come to love, connection, and mutual embrace between all people without any distinction around the globe. This will solve all the problems.

Happy New Year!
From KabTV’s “World” 12/21/21

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