In The Zero Point Of Reality

934The friends should see that I am working on lowering my egoism. Everyone tries to be in the center of the ten and at the same time feels that the others are making space for him there. This way we will feel that we are all in one place, and there is enough space for everyone. It is very important to come to such a feeling by making efforts both in thought and in action.

I try to become included into the point of connection in order to pull all my friends to it for all of us to be there. There is no place in spirituality; we can all fit into one point. This means that ten points are arranged into one Partzuf from Keter to Malchut and stand on one point, which is called the center of reality.

As described in the poem of the ARI, before the emanations were emanated and the creatures were created, there was only a simple, infinite light filling all of reality. Then a central black point appeared inside this reality, in which the light restricted itself and started the entire creation with it.

I try to see my ten inside this black point where we all stand. The upper light influences us from the outside through the Sefirot of circles, and from this inner point we want to influence the upper light.

We cannot freely influence it in all directions. We have only one possibility: to the extent that we restrict ourselves, we can then open ourselves to bestowal. The restriction occurs in all directions around us, in 360 degrees, and the opening for contact with the upper light can be only 1% or one degree of sector of the circle.

There is no place in spirituality. We need to connect with each other in such a way that no one takes up space and we all come to the zero point, meaning we are at the point that the Creator created, in the point of darkness in the middle of the light. This is our center, from which we then develop to the extent of our equivalence to the light, and then the light fills the entire Kli that we develop within this circle.

How did we all manage to fit into one point? None of us take up any space. I want there to be no space for my own importance, my egoism, my pride, and my opinion. Otherwise I will be corporeal and not spiritual.

If I do not perform any action in my egoism, then I am in the center of the circle, in the center of the ten. I do not want to receive anything for my will to receive except the necessary existence in order to build a relationship with the Creator through my relationship with others. Others are those who fill these circles, and the Creator influences us and fills us.

The one who annuls himself before the friends is in the center of the ten. If we all annul ourselves, then we are all in one place. In the spiritual world, place is called a desire. If we annul all our desires, then we find ourselves in the zero desire, in the place of zero—this is the center of the ten, the center of the circle.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/21, Shamati #230 “The Lord Is High and the Low Will See – 2”

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