Go Beyond The Boundaries Of Egoism

423.02Question: Why does a person feel someone other than himself?

Answer: In order to exit oneself.

If I did not feel myself, then I would not feel anyone outside of me. That is, the sensations of oneself and outside oneself are interconnected. This is called attainment of the border.

In our existence, attainment of the border is to comprehend the limits of our egoism. It is not easy to determine physically where I am relative to others, not mentally or emotionally, but how I relate to others and myself. When there is no difference between the attitude toward myself and toward others, it means that I exited myself.

Question: Who and how determines who is closer to the person and who is further? Why, in general, is there this gradation of separation of closer and more distant to a person?

Answer: Now this happens with regard to human egoism. When a person begins to try to master the altruistic space, he places himself and people according to other signs—signs of bestowal, the opposite of egoism.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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