The Role Of Technology In Human Relations

962.7Question: You say that it is necessary to bring city-dwellers to some degree of integration because nature is leading us to this.

What kind of integration is it? Is it when very different people still come to some degree of connection with each other? Can you explain what you mean by connection between city-dwellers?

Answer: Connection between people does not necessarily have to be in the city because this connection will arise from direct tactile contact, physical communication.

Today we see people sitting at the same table in a cafe talk to each other through phones. They have become used to communicating with each other through a keyboard.

A person sees how new types of communication affect him, he gets used to them, and he wants to be connected to others through some kind of device that will simultaneously supply him with all kinds of data, pictures, and anything you like, so that he can diversify the contact with each other with musical inserts, etc.

That is, relationships between people will increasingly pass through the systems we invent. They will allow us to better understand each other and tune into each other.

And we will not run away from this somewhere in the forest, yell, and look for connections with each other in that way.

The communication that exists between us today through all kinds of devices will improve and help us communicate faster. In general, we will take the good things we have now and everything that is not needed will gradually be forgotten and removed.

Question: Do you think a person is moving more toward communication through the Internet and using devices over some kind of physical limitations?

Answer: And what can we give each other with our physical limitations? That I must necessarily see a person? Maybe I will be in such a contact with him where I do not need to see or hear him. I must reach some kind of connection with him but so that it is as complete as possible and in the form in which I want it to be received. It can be different for everyone.

I think that our devices are increasingly leading us to the fact that we want to be more connected to each other internally. And then we will see that they do not help us in this either. They only lead us to this decision.

In addition, a purely physical connection between us also does not give anything. It does not decide anything between people or between governments. On the contrary, it leads us to lie to others, to distance ourselves from them despite the fact that outwardly we do not show it at all.
From KabTV’s “Conversations” 6/9/21

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