Learn To Live Only In Thoughts

959Question: Is virtual connection enough to develop an individual as a person?

Answer: In the future, virtual communication will be of a different quality. It will only be the basis for the development of sensory, internal connections that cannot be transmitted through verbal or physical communication.

It just seems to us that we are somehow in contact with each other. We need to establish contact with our hearts and thoughts rather than physically when we are opposite to one other and thus perceive and are impressed by each other.

Question: What new sensory organs would you recommend developing for better communication through virtual connection?

Answer: I would advise people to learn to live only in thoughts so that we would all try to be connected together in one thought called the “thought of creation.” In this thought, we would understand each other, merge with each other, and reach a connection with the thought that governs the entire universe, the entire creation, and in which we must all be included.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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