A Sign Of Perceiving Information

560Question: There are critical moments in life after which the amount of information that is left in our memory drops sharply. It is assumed that during the first minutes after information is perceived about 25% of it is forgotten, after a couple of hours about 50% is forgotten, and after a day 75% of the information is lost.

A teacher’s goal is to diminish this loss. Is it enough if everyone in the group sums up one or two sentences or writes down a short summary of the conclusions? Will that somehow help preserve the information in our memory?

Answer: No, the information will remain only if there is a constant use for it. If not, nothing will remain.

Comment: Many students say that during the lessons they understand everything, but they leave the lesson totally empty.

My Response: That’s great!

Question: What’s so good about it? A person sits for three hours, listens to a lecture, and the moment he leaves, nothing is left in his memory.

Answer: It means that the information has actually entered him, and is now inside him.

Question: Will I be able to retrieve this information and use it when I need it?

Answer: If you could remember all the information that you have absorbed during your lifetime, you would not be able to think, to decide, to discover anything. You would have no voids in your emotions and in your mind in order to work with the information objectively. Your memory would be like a computer, full of data.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/24/20

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