What Will Motivate People To Work Together?

600.01Question: Economists today point to employee motivation as one of the biggest challenges. Workplace conditions, bonuses, and salary increases no longer work. The basis of motivation has changed recently, especially in the era of coronavirus. What advice can you give people who cannot find motivation in themselves?

Answer: I think we will soon come to such a state when people will start howling in anguish like wolves at the moon. Then they will understand that they need the most serious motivation, strength, and ability to get out of their absolute hopeless state. They will start looking for someone who can give them this motivation, and they will come to us.

Question: Research shows that a boss who has the skills to listen to a subordinate is 13 times more likely to motivate an employee to stay in their workplace than a salary is. Do you think this has a future? After all, for many, the pay is the only reason to work.

Answer: No. We will reach such a state when a person is satisfied with his material condition so much that he will not have the motivation to work like a slave. He will begin to look for only a creative component in his work. I think we’ll come to this soon.

Question: What, in your opinion, is the most effective way to motivate a work team?

Answer: Connection and the achievement of a special goal is precisely in unity, where huge layers of work on oneself and with others are being revealed. A person will begin to reveal such inner possibilities of his own and others that he will see what incredible events are taking place in and around him.

Question: So people doing collaborative work will get energy from the fact that they work well together?

Answer: Not only. If they are properly linked with each other, then they will find among themselves an emotional, spiritual, upper state that gives them a reward that they will not see in any profession. They will perceive everything directly from the desire for self-realization in a team.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 8/28/20

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