Conditions Of Information Perception

219.01Question: There are several ways to improve your listening skills. First, it’s recommended to avoid distractions, especially now with virtual learning. It comes to the point that many people simply turn off their screens. What do you advise here?

Answer: It is necessary to constantly start discussions, have questions and answers, conduct role-playing games, in general, everything that can be done to turn the learners into participants of the event.

Remark: Second, it is advised to clarify what you have heard. The lecturer should always ask some questions.

My Comment: Yes, this is the basis for conducting workshops.

Question: Moreover, questions should be asked openly in order to ensure understanding of the rest of learners. Normally, you require students to concentrate on the questions of the other friends. For what purpose are you doing this?

Answer: If a student speaks in accordance with the subject, it does not matter how he formulates the question, because the answer is still relevant for everyone. Therefore, there are no stupid, simple, unnecessary, or extraneous questions if people ask in accordance with the subject.

Sometimes I answer them harshly. For example, today at the lesson one student asked me something that we learn in the first or second Kabbalah lesson. And there were people who have been studying for 20 years. Therefore, I answered him harshly that one should read the primary sources.

Question: It is also believed that information is transmitted to the listener through the speaker’s posture. Do you think it’s important to look at someone’s face and nod your head?

Answer: Today, when we are dealing with distance learning, I don’t think it is that important. Well, what can I transmit with my body? I sit in one position for three hours and transmit information. In practice, it is a broadcasting head.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/14/20

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